Meridiana has an ideal location offering many cultural activities, attractions or unique natural reserves. After a tasty meal, you can choose to relax, discover the beauty of the surroundings or enjoy the adventure.


The biggest pride of Bojnice – the fabulous Bojnice Castle – is located only 3 km from Meridiana. The history of this Gothic building dates back to the 12th century. The castle is part of the Slovak National Museum. Day and night tours are available all year round. In addition, the castle offers many events for children and adults.


Bojnice is well known for both the beautiful Castle and the Spa. The thermal springs not only treat the body, it harmonises the spirit. In the spa area, there are 9 hot springs. The hottest of them reaches the temperature of 52 °C. This natural wealth is only 3 km far from Meridiana. The spa is located directly under the Castle.


Zoo Bojnice is spread over an area of 41 hectares. There are over 400 species of animals in the beautiful submontane area. In the Zoo, you can observe more than 2,700 species. The newest specie is the panda. The Zoo participates in several international rescue programs. It is open all year round and organises many cultural and entertainment activities for the public.


Can you solve the riddle? Can you find the right keys? Can you get out of the locked room in just 60 minutes? Mysterium is a fun logic game for friends, family, or as a brief release at business meetings. You can come and play every day. The team consists of 3 - 6 players. All you need to do is just book the term directly on Mysterium's web. (www.mysterium.sk)


The Bojník Historical and Art Society is engaged in the preparation of outdoor and indoor events and programs. They offer comprehensive solutions to thematic events including the used technique. Their members are stunt-men of famous films such as Gladiator, Fantaghiro, Catherine the Great and others.


In the immediate vicinity of the Bojnice Castle, there is a seat of the Aquila Falcon breeders. In their training park, you can observe more than 30 raptors, such as buzzard, barn owl, or Eurasian eagle-owl. Besides the bird-shows, Aquila team organise a fire show and many other shows.


All year round open Mini-golf Park is located in Prievidza. Visitors have the opportunity to borrow golf gear there. Park's rarity is unique Putting Green with an area of 1400 m². The complex is situated in a beautiful setting surrounding the park. There is a fully-equipped training centre with high-quality playing surfaces.


Bicycle lovers can take advantage of several cycling routes throughout the district. They can choose between less demanding and more challenging routes. Bojnice Cyclo-circuit with a total length of 162 kilometres and the Upper Nitra Cyclo-circuit are very popular among cyclists.


In our neighbourhood, there is an outdoor beach swimming pool with two swimming pools, one children's pool and a large water area with a boat rental. In Bojnice, you can find the Thermal swimming pool Čajka offering one swimming pool and two children's pools. The water comes from several thermal springs and has a temperature of 26-33 °C.


Visitors of Bojnice who seek excitement in the form of adrenaline experiences and sports shouldn’t miss visiting Prievidza airport. You can enrol pilot courses or try parachuting. Moreover, the airport organises many air-shows and different racing events throughout the year.


An ideal place for the discovery lovers is the Upper Nitra Open-air Mining Museum located 4 km from Prievidza. The tour begins with 2312-metre-long mine railway ride to a brown coal mine, where it enters underground mining spaces at a minimum depth of 80 m below the surface.


Bojnice is considered to be the most precious location of the Neanderthal population in Slovakia. The Museum of Prehistory is therefore correctly situated right here, namely in the area of Prepoštská Cave, which is also a National Cultural Monument. It is located just 3 minutes from the Church of St. Martin in Bojnice.


Talking about sports, Prievidza offers many opportunities. Visitors can use a covered swimming pool with a swimming pool of 25 x 12 m. There is also a football stadium and multipurpose hall with a gym and sauna. In winter, you can go ice skating and you can rent an ice rink too.


This leisure complex gives you the opportunity to spend moments in a magnificent natural environment. You can fish without fishing permit, sit around the megalithic fire rings, visit a unique crayfish farm, play golf, visit an open-air gallery and much more. The season begins on May 1st and ends on October 31st.